Can Christians Kick Some A**?

November 29, 2009

I have to admit that people make me angry (I am working with God on this 🙂 ). 

When I was younger I admit my friends and I would go out looking for a fight.  Why would we do this?  I am not sure, maybe as a teenagers we thought we had something to prove.  Our manhood maybe?  Our need to be respected?  To be ?  All of these probably come into play.

Do you think that Christians/Churches/denominations/ect. fight with each other because we feel we have something to prove?

I remember a professor I had come back from an Evangelical meeting and stated that the next big argument brewing is the “new perspective on Paul.”  In other words, they are looking for the next disagreement to fight about.

My question is why?

Why are we fighting?  Do we, as Christians, feel we have something to prove?

I can tell you all that I have nothing to prove!


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