Baby Christian

April 28, 2010

Life is completely different with a newborn.  Holy crap! is about all I can say to adequately describe how I feel.

One very cool thing about having a brand new little baby girl is the amount of praise given out in my home.  Everything she does is amazing, and never sisyphean.  Every time McKenna lifts her head up, hoots and hollers go off!  Every time she burps, I yell “that’s my girl!”  Every time she passes some gas, I praise her by telling her she takes after her mom (hahaha–I’m in trouble for this one :))

So now I am asking the question “is this how God feels about brand new Christians?”

Is God cheering every little thing a new believer does?  Each good decision?  Each attempt to pray?  Each time they go to church?  If they read the Bible 2 times in a month, is God yelling at the top of His lungs, “THAT’S MY BOY!” 

An even bigger question…”Does God ever stop cheering for His kids?”  Even now, after growing substantially in my faith I can sometimes feel God cheering.

Greatest feeling in the world–when we fall down, pick ourselves back up and God is right there with a “THAT’S MY BOY!”

Sisyphean–after a king in Greek Mythology who was cursed to push huge bolder to the top of a hill, only to watch it roll back down and had to repeat this forever…so you can prolly guess what it means, endlessly fruitless.


I listened to an old school Southern Baptist preacher this morning and he made the comment that we must die with Christ each morning.

If you know me at all, you know that I have a low tolerance for old school preaching by preachers who can’t seem to get a grip for what’s going on in the world–which is exactly what this guy was.

I do believe, however, that God can and will use all types of people to speak into your life as He sees fit.  Today, God saw fit that this dude would speak to me a truth of God that I really never fully understood.  1 Cor 15:30-31 says,

“And why should we ourselves risk our lives hour by hour? For I swear, dear brothers and sisters, that I face death daily. This is as certain as my pride in what Christ Jesus our Lord has done in you.”

For whatever reason, this verse stuck out and captured my heart like never before…I desired to die with Christ.  I thought to myself, “self…I am a Christian, I accepted Jesus, I died with Him already, so what are these feelings?”

The last little word of the second sentence…daily.  I can say that I do not die with Christ daily.  I usually die with Christ on Sundays (obviously) and some Wednesdays (because that’s when we have our worship service for students). 

As I get closer to Jesus and as I take steps in ministry I am finding that more is expected of me spiritually (and rightly so).

Two years ago, God would have never convicted me of this…while today I am eager to listen to Him and do whatever He desires of me. 

Beginning now I am dying with Christ each and every day.